Water Baptism, as instituted in the Bible (New Testament), is the means by which a believer is symbolically united with Christ (Galatians 3:27-28). It is more than a mere ritual or ceremony; it is a sign to show that a spiritual change has taken place in our lives through the cleansing of Jesus Christ. It is an outward sign of the inward work of His good news. Baptize means "to dip, immerse," and we practice this symbolic act by completely submerging or immersing one in water.

We offer baptism classes throughout the year (these are one of the prerequisites to the baptism); we will be announcing them periodically for those who are interested. The information will be as follows:

Location: 42-19 Bell Blvd., Bayside, New York 11361

Time: TBA

The actual baptism celebration takes place on a Sunday worship service at our above location in Bayside, NY. 

To learn more, contact eastqueens@hopechurchnyc.org