K-5th Grade.

Hope Kids alternates between small groups and large groups, and the session includes songs, activities, and an engaging Bible Study.

Each week, our Hope Kids:

CONNECT- with each other and their leaders
GATHER – to hear from the BIG GOD STORY
RESPOND – to what the Holy Spirit is teaching them through creative worship
ENGAGE – with each other through fun and energizing games
BLESS – be blessed and prayed for by their leader each week to live out what they have just learned

Some of our core values are as follows:

1. Family Is Primary
God’s Design for faith replication is through the context of the family (Deut. 6Ps. 78) while the church plays a supportive/equipping role to this endeavor (Eph. 4:12).

2. Spiritual Formation
Kids need a strong foundation of biblical knowledge in an environment where they can encounter the living God. Children open their hearts to God, learn to discern His voice, have a desire to obey Him, and do so in the power of the Holy Spirit (Phil. 2:13).

3. Holy Spirit is the Teacher
Parents and leaders have the opportunity to create "environments" where the Holy Spirit is free to move, teach, and lead (Jn. 14:26).

4. Authority of Scripture
The Bible is God's truth for daily living. God's Word holds instructions and inspiration that guides children to know God and interpret their lives through the lens of His will (2 Tim. 3:16-17).

5. The Big God Story
"The Big God Story" is God's ENTIRE story. It incorporates all of history, stretching from Genesis to Revelation and beyond. Kids understand that they not only play a part in this incredible story, but are also part of a much larger faith community of past, present, and future believers.

6. God-Centered
Because it is one story with the emphasis on God's love and redemption through Jesus (Col. 1:20), not the supporting cast in any given storyline (eg. "God Is Victorious" vs "David and Goliath").

7. Ministry Support
"Inspire, equip, and support" are three words you’ll see throughout Tru. We believe these three concepts encapsulate the mission of Tru. We seek to inspire, equip, and support churches as they do the same for their families.

For Parents
Hope Kids provides families with materials to help them connect as a family and grow together spiritually.

For questions about Hope Kids or to enroll your child, contact Rose at rose@hopechurchnyc.org

*We have a school safety official with us at all times on Sundays to ensure that your children are well protected. Also, all of our volunteers undergo mandatory background checks prior to serving.