As leaders of Hope East Queens, we must submit ourselves to the Word of God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in the application of ethical principles of Scripture. Our Christian conduct must be 1) based on the life and teachings of Jesus, 2) the teachings of biblical writers and 3) the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Scriptures call for the highest standard of conduct for us as leaders. Thus, we must endeavor to conduct our lives according to the ethical guidelines and principles set forth below:

Standard of Ethics for Hope East Queens Leadership Team (“Church Council”)

Knowing that Jesus Christ is the living Head of the church, I will strive to conduct myself in a manner that brings glory to him. This means I will strive to:

·        be a responsible servant of God.

·        exercise faithful stewardship in my devotional life

·        exercise faithful stewardship of financial, physical and intellectual resources.

·        accept accountability for all my actions and avoid situations that could reflect negatively on the name of Jesus Christ.

·        maintain sexual purity in accordance with Biblical standards.

·        exercise Christ's servant-leadership (humility).

I will place my family responsibilities at the highest level of my priorities, second only to my relationship to God. This means I will strive to:

·        spiritually, emotionally and physically support my family.

·        be faithful to my spouse (if applicable).

·        be a responsible and dedicated parent to my children (if applicable).


I will lead with justice and mercy, striving to express proper balance between strength and gentleness in all situations. This means I will strive to:

·        provide sound and spiritual leadership.

·        help mentor individuals in the congregation.

·        be committed to prompt reconciliation of interpersonal conflicts.

·        be trustworthy in all areas of confidentiality (except as I am legally bound to disclose or when I receive the individual’s consent).

·        honor and respect other cultures, genders and races.


As a leader of the Hope East Queens Leadership Team, I have a responsibility to respect and honor my fellow leaders. This means I will strive to:

·        respect my fellow leaders and will not speak against them publicly.

·        respect the boundaries of another leader's area of responsibility.

·        treat the position of a leader in a manner so as not to be competitive or enhance my own status or position.

·        serve my colleagues with counsel, support and personal assistance.


Christian leaders are an integral part of the society in which we reside. This means I will strive to:

·        be a responsible member of my church community.

·        comply with the laws of my government as long as they do not conflict with the teachings of Jesus.

·        not allow political issues to create hostile divisiveness within the congregation.