At Hope East Queens, our motto for families is: "what happens at home is more important than what happens at church."

Therefore, we try to resource and come alongside parents and caretakers by providing engaging environments for their children on Sundays and creating avenues of resourcing and connecting families to each other throughout the week.

We also connect our families together through:

1) Parents with Kids Home Group (P&G HG) which meets once a month after service for small group, prayer, and a meal.

2) Families Fellowship Lunch which meets Sundays after service either in the cafeteria or at the park (when the weather is warmer) every other month for fellowship. This is a great way to invite new families into our community.

3) Nursery Breakfast Gatherings for families with children ages two and under, there is a once a month breakfast in the nursery room thirty minutes before service so that families can connect during their busy schedule.

4) Ministry Programs for children of all ages that gather on Sundays. We currently have Hope Tots (ages two through pre-K), Hope Kids (kindergarten through fifth grade), and Hope Youth (junior high school and high school). We also have a nursery readily available on Sundays where the service is live streaming on a screen for parents with infants!

For more information, contact our family ministry coordinator Rose at